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SaferWave for mobile phone

SaferWave for mobile phone reduces the "transients" and other electromagnetic noise signals that are harmful to your health and thereby make the radio waves safer. It can easily be placed inside the battery compartment of most mobile phones and on the back of Iphone phones. The package also contains a "headset" device which prevents the "headset" from transmitting electromagnetic radiation to the head due to the antenna effect. This is a special "ferrite" head that fits into the cable of any wired "headset". SaferWave has been developed over the last 10 years and beta tested on more than 7,000 mobile phones over the last 6 years. Research departments in England, Russia and Norway have carried out the research and development processes, and the technology is in the process of patenting. SaferWave is the best technology available to protect you and your loved ones.

SaferWave for personal computers

SaferWave for PC has two signal reducing devices:

Unit 1 for laptop or desktop. This works in the same way as SaferWave for mobile telephones to reduce transient power and digital signal noise. The disruptive effect is on cell-to-cell communication.

Unit 2 for the power supply unit (PSU). This can be separate for a laptop or integrated into a desktop. PSU transforms 230 volts AC to 12 volts DC. This creates an electromagnetic field that penetrates the body. The effect is mainly on biological activity.

Both devices have the shape of a holographic sticker. A reuse sticker is also included to be placed between the matrix and the phone to allow SaferWave to be moved when purchasing a new PC. A protective sticker is included to be placed on the outside of the matrix.

SaferWave for PC can be used on any PC: laptop, all desktop configurations (standard integrated), android, Ipad, tablet and network devices of all manufacturers.

Safer Wave

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